Serpent on MixCloud

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NN Album Review

Nocturne News has some really nice words to say about our album and ‘Serpent’ in particular. Thanks! ? Listen to the full show on YOUTUBE, or just the RVD part starting at 7:45.

Mirrors on the Radio

‘Mirrors’ was played on the Slab Goth Alternative Show on Birmingham’s Switch Radio. Goth to love it! ?
The Slab Goth Alternative Show With Richard F Via Birmingham UK Switch Radio 04.07.19.

Serpent 100% Underground

Frontière Rock 100% Underground played our song Serpent on their 100% Underground radio. The song starts at 1:17:39, but the rest is a very interesting listen as well! Great underground station! ?

Like Rain on Spotify

After a long wait, the Like Rain album is now released on Spotify. ?‍♀️
So click the link and play it, and play it again and again and again and again… And if you like it, please share it.

So Low on DWR

Dead Wax Records from Spain released a compilation record -called A Matter of Concepts– of active underground bands, and has chosen to add Red Velvet Deception’s ‘So Low’. We’re obviously quite pleased with this, and encourage you all to try and obtain a copy of the album. It’s great. Really. It is great.

The album is available on vinyl, and Bandcamp via DWR only. We don’t have them for sale. Don’t ask us. Please.

Rule of Three

rvd-solow-ruleofthreeGermany based Rule of Three, reviewed our track So Low in their Facebook magazine. We quite like it!

“Why we chose this track:
So Low is the first recording of dutch two piece act Red Velvet Redemption. Expect a Red Lorry Yellow Lorry style bass line covered by laser sharp synth melodies and driven by a manic drum machine. This, the heavily distorted guitar and the clear and straight ahead vocals give this track a unique sound that pays tribute to a lot of 80’s genres but is still fresh enough not to be a copy cat rendition.”

Dazed and Confused

HERE our song So Low was featured in the Dazed and Confused radio show, airing in Sydney, Australia!
Our song is played right after a Sisters of Mercy song, so we could be in worse company…
Listen to the whole show on MixCloud (it’s worth your time), or find our track starting at around 15:15.
Enjoy! Lees meer