Rule of Three

rvd-solow-ruleofthreeGermany based Rule of Three, reviewed our track So Low in their Facebook magazine. We quite like it!

“Why we chose this track:
So Low is the first recording of dutch two piece act Red Velvet Redemption. Expect a Red Lorry Yellow Lorry style bass line covered by laser sharp synth melodies and driven by a manic drum machine. This, the heavily distorted guitar and the clear and straight ahead vocals give this track a unique sound that pays tribute to a lot of 80’s genres but is still fresh enough not to be a copy cat rendition.”

Dazed and Confused

HERE our song So Low was featured in the Dazed and Confused radio show, airing in Sydney, Australia!
Our song is played right after a Sisters of Mercy song, so we could be in worse company…
Listen to the whole show on MixCloud (it’s worth your time), or find our track starting at around 15:15.
Enjoy! Lees meer